Cost & Funding

The cost of this program varies slightly each year (depending on price fluctuations in Rwanda), but generally the cost is ~$6,750. This includes all expenses for the 4-week course. This is similar or below the cost for other 4-week Study Abroad programs to international destinations.

Total budget calculator:

  • Program Cost ~$6,750
  • Flight ~$2,400 from USA (depends on your location and use of frequent flyer miles)
  • Extra Travel Insurance ~60 (optional-covers flight cancellation and baggage delay or loss)
  • Immunizations/Medications ~ (check with your doctor or travel clinic)
  • Equipment ~$400 (hiking boots, backpack, binoculars or field clothing you may need)
  • Spending Cash ~$200

Scholarships, grants and financial info:

Don't be discouraged by the cost a study abroad experience! Many students started out thinking it would be impossible to affort it. But with a little planning ahead and looking for financial support from many resources, most students find a way to make thier dreams come true. Grants, scholarships, loans, university departments, family members, employers, extra-curricular organizations, and religious or social organizations may be available to help fund a study abroad experience.

Here is a helpful link to a veriety of scholarships:


Be creative! Here are some examples of funding opportunities that past undergraduate and gradutate students have identified:

BRAVO! / MHIRT Funding Opportunity

Here is a link to  scholarship opportunity for undergraduates or graduate students interested in health-related fields. Support is for training future research scientists to face the myriad of problems that collectively constitute health disparities. Check to see if your university has this kind of funding from NIH.

National Geographic Society Grants

NGS/ Educator Grants

Are you an educator? You too can become a "student" for a summer while on a Study Abroad program. National Geographic Society offers Education-focused grants that aim to help educators teach people about the world and how it works, empowering them to make it a better place. Projects may introduce innovative instructional strategies for students of any age and in any location. Other projects may take proven ideas and scale or replicate them for larger audiences or different geographical areas. Projects may also measure what is working in education and add to the body of knowledge about how people learn.


NGS/ Early Career Grants 
Early Career Grants are designed to offer less experienced individuals an opportunity to lead a project in the areas of conservation, education, research, storytelling, and technology.


American Institute for Foreign Study

AIFS annually awards more than $250,000 in scholarships to summer and semester students who submit application materials demonstrating high academic achievement. Scholarships are available for both summer and semester programs.


Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship

for undergraduate, Pell recipients in STEM fields (up to $5000)


Simon Study Abroad Bill

this is just exciting talk at this point. I am not aware of any real dollars coming down the line on that (yet!).

click to see Study Abroad Bill info


International Primatological Society Grants

Grant opportunities that may be creatively applied to studying abroad and perhaps extending your stay to do other work in Africa.

    Captive Care Grants
    Conservation Grants
    Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award
    Lawrence Jacobsen Education Development Grants
    The Galante Family Winery Conservation Scholarship
    Research Grants


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

In 2000 Congress passed the Great Apes Conservation Act in response to the alarming decline of Great Apes. The Act provides for the establishment of a Great Apes Conservation Fund to provide financial assistance to support projects that will enhance sustainable conservation programs to ensure effective, long-term conservation of Great Apes. Since then the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has been building the capacity of governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities to address the threats to great apes through the Great Ape Conservation Fund. USFWS supports efforts to fight poaching and illegal trafficking in great apes; to increase habitat protection by creating national parks and protected areas; to reduce risk of disease transmission to at-risk ape populations, and to create long-term buy-in and stewardship for conservation of great apes within local communities.


Grant Programs at US Embassy Kigali

The Ambassador sometimes provides small-scale development funds. The goal is to improve the basic economic and social conditions of the community or village, to build democratic institutions, support the rule of law and respect for international and domestic civil and human rights and to promote HIV/AIDS prevention among population, and provide care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children.


Phoenix Zoo Conservation & Science Grants

Mission is to inspire people to live in ways that promote the well-being of the natural world. We accomplish our goals through participation and leadership in conservation efforts on-grounds and throughout our region, and by supporting conservation and science programs worldwide.Projects must directly contribute to the survival of populations of free-living animal species and the ecosystems in which they are found. The foundation wants the project to create a better future for wildlife.


Animal Behavior Society Grants

Funds for student research grants

E. O. Wilson Conservation Award:

This award seeks to encourage graduate students of animal behavior to participate in meaningful conservation-related research. This award support a proposal considered meritorious for its integration of behavior and conservation.

George W. Barlow Award:

This Award's purpose is to encourage excellence in graduate student research in the field of animal behavior.



Lewis & Clark Fund

for Exploration & Field Research: funds graduate students



US Department of Defense SMART Scholarship

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student involved in research in science,math, or engineering? Would you want to work as a civilian in a Department of Defense lab after you graduate? You might be interested in the SMART Scholarship, the premier scholarship program supporting the education of America's future scientists and engineers. Find out more at an information session held by the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships!


Other creative ideas:

Investors in Rwanda

that want to promote Rwanda as a progressive country

  • Terracom (John Dick)
  • Thousand Hill Ventura Fund
  • Walmart (connection to Akarega National Park)
  • Costco
  • Starbucks

Womens' Organizations

to support female students to a country that shows progressive policies about women
UofA Womens Faculty organization

Regarding women in Rwanda:
When the genocide ended, Rwanda was left 70 percent female. So women picked up the pieces and started to rebuild. Today, in almost every sector of Rwandan life, you'll find a woman. Rwanda's the only country in the world where women outnumber men in Parliament. Read the story

Want more good human beings

  • Rotary Club
  • Kiwanas
  • Desert Angels in Tucson
  • Bob Morrison
  • Marshall Foundation